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The Process of Big Art Begins!

Making Glue gun Molds

Joint compound is pink, will dry white after will paint white

Each panel will have texture and connection

The Developmental Stage

Each piece of art has its own process. It can be a flat board or layers.

The series I am doing right now are on 3’ x 4’ framed boards. I do things a bit backwards; I do not have a vision of the art to be painted, I just know I want them to connect in some way. I call this a series.

I placed them side by side and went to work first making molds using a glue gun and forming the molds on parchment paper. Then I placed the textured pieces on the boards to create a unified piece -thus making a connection. I then used joint compound to create a swirling effect that would flow from one board to the other, also joining the boards together. Why? It gives me a challenge and I love texture!

Some artists scribble ideas down for their art project - I do all of that in my head. First I had a vision of the work I wanted so that each panel connects to the others in either design or image. After I started the work the plan for creating each panel became clear; I would paint a flower on each panel to represent the places I have lived and called ‘home’. This would be one form of connection. However, each piece should also be able to stand alone or together - the important thing is that I create them.

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