The Process of Big Art Begins!

The Developmental Stage

Each piece of art has its own process. It can be a flat board or layers.

The series I am doing right now are on 3’ x 4’ framed boards. I do things a bit backwards; I do not have a vision of the art to be painted, I just know I want them to connect in some way. I call this a series.

I placed them side by side and went to work first making molds using a glue gun and forming the molds on parchment paper. Then I placed the textured pieces on the boards to create a unified piece -thus making a connection. I then used joint compound to create a swirling effect that would flow from one board to the other, also joining the boards together. Why? It gives me a challenge and I love texture!

Some artists scribble ideas down for their art project - I do all of that in my head. First I had a vision of the work I wanted so that each panel connects to the others in either design or image. After I started the work the plan for creating each panel became clear; I would paint a flower on each panel to represent the places I have lived and called ‘home’. This would be one form of connection. However, each piece should also be able to stand alone or together - the important thing is that I create them.

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