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Why I do “Big Art”?!

I get this question a lot and the answer is really is quite simple.

Big Art frees me!

To me it has always seemed that small things look better up-close.

When I take photos, I love to use my macro lens to get up-close so I can see the hair on a butterfly or the vanes of a flower. I get excited about looking into a microscope and exploring things my naked eye could not.

I have completed two large items - both are 4’x4’.

The first one is an Abstract for which I used old toss away materials to create the art I call “Universe Applauds” referring to the fact that by re-using items that would ultimately be sent to the landfills the earth is happier for it. Maybe I will do a series of this type of art, please let me know what you think?

The other art item is simply called “Maggie” She is a flower from a magnolia tree. We have many of these in Tennessee.

I am now starting my new project which is a series of floral art. I will be adding some pictures and descriptions are on my next Blog!

You can purchase my work if you see something you like or if you have an item you would like me to paint, I do commissioned work too!

"Maggie" is a 4'x4' Acrylic

"Universe Applauds” is a 4'x4' Abstract

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