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Working Harder and Happier

Easter Wreaths

I just resigned from my preschool teaching job, and event though I have to seek other employment I am excited for what may be around the corner. I have my first craft show this Saturday in Sevierville at their annual 10 Mile Yard Sale!

I know this is not a craft show but I intend to try to sell some of my product and hope for the best! It will give me an idea of where and what I should sell and if I want to do this next year. I am just learning the Tennessee market and this is all fun and experiential for me.

I am lucky that I have a great husband who is willing to go along with me and help me when needed. Big Up's for Steve! I will be posting pictures of what the show was all about and what I learned along the way. Here are a few items I am hoping to sell. Wish me Luck!

Dust Bunnies

Utensil Holder

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