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Irene L. Lawrence received her B.F.A. in Interior Design but the college was actually set up as an art school. Because of this she was exposed to all kinds of art forms from painting, photography, sculpting, industrial design and even computer rendering and graphics. Her particular program was centered around sustainability and how to leave a smaller footprint on our already struggling

"Mother Earth".


Because of this she creates art to support these values and to bring awareness to unnecessary waste.

She calls herself Di Gray Lady as it was a name given to her e while serving in The Peace Corps in Jamaica

These days Irene finds time to dive into several art projects from Landscapes and subject photography to painting and just simply being creative!


Having the fortune to be able to travel to many parts of the world - Visiting 20 countries on 5 continents and have photographed subjects from landscapes to insects, architecture to landmarks, and anything in between you will see the childlike images she has taken and recreated using a digital process.

Fine Art

As an artist I have worked in watercolors, acrylics, and oils. When creating artwork I draw inspiration from my photos and the subject within them. I will also often create art pieces using discarded items you may find in a trash can or even create an art piece that has a thought provoking environmental purpose.

Thank you For visiting and showing interest in art. 

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Thank you For Visiting

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